About us

I'm from Nice, France. Since several years I feel the eagerness to create a collection of tiles. In fact, when I was looking for original tiles available on the market, I couldn't find anything that pleased me, so I decided to set up my own collection of original design faiences.

Having followed a training of Interior Architect at the MJM-school (Nice), I was first of all attracted to interior decoration, the creation of objects and even clothes.

After a complementary training in Computer Graphics, I designed over 200 models for my collection and I'm pleased to present them.

Explaining my tiles would be telling my life. My influences, conscious and subconscious, are multiple. I think that the uniqueness of each person, including his creations, is due to his every-second life story from birth to the present moment.

Some anecdotes anyway. I was born in Algiers, I came to Nice at the age of 3.I remember that when I was about 2 or 3 years old, still in Algiers, down the apartment block where I lived with my parents, there was a grocery also doing bazaar. When passing by I was fascinated by the multi-colour chalk sticks in the shop window and I kept asking my mother to buy them, I wanted them as bad as sweets.

That same period, my mother sometimes locked me up in the box room when I was too naughty. Quickly I loved being locked up in there, I found lots of books and even though I couldn't read yet, I actually imagined that I did. In fact I was inventing my proper stories. It unwrapped my imagination. It became a game between my mother and me, she'd lock me up and I wouldn't come out anymore. The box room punishment reverse.

Later on, in Nice, I wasn't too fond of going to nursery school, but afternoons were entirely dedicated to painting. I used to play with my foot against the elevator door of the block where we lived. Of course, I was told off by my parents repeatedly, but I kept on doing it. One day my foot got stuck and it really hurt a lot. I was very sad, not because of my swelling foot, but because I was going to miss school and painting in the afternoon and that was a true catastrophy. I wept and I begged my mother to let me go to school - as if my life depended on it - and so I did, one foot in a shoe, the other bandaged in a slipper. I still remember the joy of going to school that afternoon, I was on top of the world. That day I told myself I wanted to be a painter.

At the age of 14, I drew a lot. In secondary school, the art teacher would sometimes let me mark my proper work. I was quite severe on myself but extremely proud, being allowed to do it. That's when I decided that my future studies would be into Interior Decoration. My parents refused, so I put it off until later.

These are just a few stories on a long road, some premices of a love story between myself and the need to create, to search, to invent, probably trying not to quit childhood completely.