Count 15 working days between order and delivery, the delay starts once payment is registered.

Shipping costs for France (including Corsica) are of 19 € per order, no matter which surface or quantity ordered. Count 35 € for Belgium, 50 € for Switzerland. For all other destinations, Europe and abroad, shipping costs (by Post or independent transporter) will be calculated in function of weight and destination. Estimation on demand.


Delivery check


The tiles are wrapped in bubble pack and wedged together for shipping. The packages are prepared with the utmost care.

A check of the goods (delivered on signature), is the client's responsibility only and he should inspect the state of the tiles in presence of the driver.

If ever, on arrival, you discover broken, scratched or damaged tiles they will be replaced and re-shipped on our charges.

In absence of well-detailed information on the voucher, we can not take in charge any replacement or re-shipping.


For this, you should :


Unwrap and check the tiles in presence of the driver, specify the amount and nature of the damaged goods on the shipping voucher. (Plaints may only concern tiles, not packaging.)

Fill in the form in a legible way (name in full characters), date and sign.

Verify if the back of your tiles is marked A or B and please specify in your remarks.

Notify us within 48 hours by mail or by post.




Our guarantee will not be implicated if the conditions of putting up or maitenance have not been respected.

However, if any tiles should brake incidentally when putting up, we can take 1 to 5 tiles in charge (on simple demand) depending on the number of tiles ordered. Shipping costs however, will remain at your charge.

We decline all responibilty for any delivery delay that is not due to our services (strike, weather conditions).