Users' conditions

Faience tiles to be put up on interior walls. Made in France.

Glossy finish.

Guaranteed 5 years.

If the back of your tiles is marked A or B,it means that with this model, to obtain the motif, you need two versions of the same tile, one being the mirror of the other. You only need to alternate the tiles and turn them the right way to obtain the full pattern. Prepare at least one pattern before fixing the tiles, the next will follow automatically. A and B are marked on the back to help you out. 

If on the back of your tiles nothing is marked, it means that with this model the tiles can be put up immediately, one next to the other, the pattern will take shape by itself. 

 It is possible to associateplain-colour tiles, assorted to this tile, proposed in its own colour-range. 


Available sizes

The tiles are available in the following sizes : 20x20 cm. (8'x8') (6 mm. thick)

                                                                    15x15 cm. (6'x6') (5 mm. thick)

                                                                    10x10 cm. (4'x4') (4 mm.thick).

Example given : for one square meter you will need 25 tiles in 20x20 (8'), 50 tiles in 15x15 (6'), 100 tiles in 10x10 (4'). For any other dimension than plain square meters you'll need to calculate the number of tiles needed, or send a mail with the dimension required.


Floor-tiles in stoneware are available from 20 square meters off (also in 30x30 cm, or one square foot). On demand only, please send a mail leaving a phone-number.


Setting up

The tiles may be put up on any surface, even on ancient tiles, using a standard tile-glue.

To assure impermeability, count a joint of at least 1 millimeter between the tiles.

Avoid cement or silica-containing joints, use an acrylic-, silicone- or epoxy-based product.

For cutting, use a tile-cutter, a diamond cutter or a wet saw.

To clean up, avoid abrasive sponges or steel wool.



Use only soft cleaning agents and sponges (non-abrasive).

Degreasing and window-cleaning agents, as well as soluted bleach are permitted.

Avoid all contact with hot metal objects.

Do not use any aggresive acid- or ammonia-based cleaning agents.